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        Add:Ocean Biological Industry Zone ShenJiaMen,ZhouShan City ,ZheJiang Province ,China
        Tel:+86-0580-3696887? 3696926
        Fax:+86-0580-3696908? 3695986
        Contacts: Ms.Hetty

        ZhouShan HeCheng Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in the ZhouShan island in east Zhejiang Province. we are specialized in marine equipment, diesel engines and main & auxiliary engine spare parts, specializing in making cylinder liner, cylinder head, piston crown, piston skirt, water jacket, valve spindle, valve seat, valve guide, valve housing …

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        Tel:+0086-0580-3696887 3696926Fax:+0086-0580-3696908 3695986Add:Zhejiang Zhoushan Shenjiamen Marine Life Park